Bike Racks

PeriodNumber of FacingsRate Per FaceTotal Per PeriodImpressions Per DayImpressions Per PeriodDaily GRP’sC.P.M.
1 Month2545$1125258,5007,755,00040$0.14

Ski Racks

According to the Canadian Ski Council, over 12% (3,072,000) of Canadians will ski on Canadian Ski Resorts every year! 49% of these skiers will ski at least 3 times every month. That is over 6,082,560 skiers in 3 months! The gender profile is 57% male and 43% female. 66% of Alpine Skiers have household incomes of over $50,00. Also, 53% of all skiers live in households with children under 18 years old.


Cineplex Media represents 94% of Canada’s box office from coast-to-coast. This amounts to an average monthly reach of 8 million moviegoers. Along with on-screen and in theatre opportunities, Velocity is able to provide space through (17M average monthly page views) and Famous Magazine which has the largest Canadian Entertainment Magazine circulation at 650,000.

Parking Garage

Over 700,000 annual automobile traffic impressions.